'The Unconventional Founder' Youtube Channel

By Sudeep Chauhan |
'The Unconventional Founder' Youtube Channel

After overcoming a deeply rooted resistance, I finally started a Youtube channel. This post explains why it was so difficult, and what understanding convinced me to do it.

I believe we learn better with visuals than reading, so here you go:

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The Hesitation

I’ve been deeply inspired by great tech founders from Larry Page, to Elon Musk. From Steve Jobs to Jeff Bezos. All of them have built incredible products and companies, though none of them have been active content creators.

Everytime you see a video of them on Youtube, 99% of the times it would be that of an interview in a conference. The rest 1% is when they are introducing / launching a product to the world.

From the founders of Youtube all the way to founders of Alphabet / Google, none of them have actively created content themselves (except of course, the first video on Youtube).

There are few simple reasons for this.

  1. Creating Content takes time, which tech founders could be spending in building products, teams and scaling their services.
  2. Technology startup founders usually have a different type of personality than those of content creators.
  3. In tech sector, even today, writing is a much more preferred medium, and a more powerful way of conveying messages to the world, with Audio only podcasts as probably the closest cousin. No wonder Elon Musk sticks to Twitter, and so do 99.9% of other people in tech industry.
  4. Tech founders and engineers prefer to be private in general. You’d never really know where these founders are, or how they are spending their time. It’s probably because they understand technology and its drawbacks way more than most people can.

It’s better to be wealthy and anonymous than to be rich and famous.

I have always identified myself to be one of those founders that remain private, away from public eye. Spending time hacking problems that impacted everyone.

But in the last few months, something changed. As if a button flipped, and all of a sudden I wanted to be a content creator. A Youtuber as it aligns the most with my personality, and very committed to creating videos about anything and everything.

The Switch Flip

There wasn’t one single moment, but a lots of them that one after the other just kept blowing up my mind.

1. Share Mistakes and Learnings

As a technology startup founder, if there’s one thing I’ve been doing consistently is making mistakes, and learning from them. When you undergo an experience like that, there’s an internal voice that wants to share those learnings with someone who may find it useful.

It’s more stylish and pep thing to be a startup founder today than it has ever been. There’s an exponential increase in the number of startups worldwide, and I believe we are still at the beginning of this global explosion.

Every single year to come, there will be more entrepreneurs than there have ever been in the past, which means if I share my learnings, the potential audience that might benefit from those learnings will continue to grow.

2. Give Back

Like you and everyone else today, most of what I’ve learned is from others online. Be it through Blogs or Youtube videos, then why shouldn’t I give something in return as well?

3. Not enough Practical Channels

There are a lot of channels on youtube that teach how to write code. There are also lot of channels which talk about startup “wisdom”. But I still feel the gap between the two categories.

There’s still not enough video content that takes someones from coming up with an idea, all the way through executing it IRL. There’s a lot of content that does this well but it’s spread sparsely through blogs, and reddit posts.

I’m hopeful that I can help in reducing this gap.

4. YRL : Get Yrl, Go Viral!

I built a product called YRL (getyrl.com), where Businesses and Creators can partner with Cost per Click and Cost per Conversion campaigns. It’s blazing fast, simple and easy to use. I’d call it Robinhood of digital and affiliate marketing.

I made the product as a Business because marketing a product is really hard today thanks to the ocean of content online. But the story was still incomplete.

YRL is not just for Businesses, its more for Creators. If I want to make YRL successful, being a Business is not enough. I should be a content creator myself.

5. Pushing Comfort Zone

Recording, Editing, Publishing, and Promoting content in its entirety is a different ball game than anything related to writing code, thinking of architecture. or building a product. Coding skills don’t help at all to be honest (trust me I tried making videos using Python!)

Learning each of these bits is a new challenge for me, and a big way to grow personally.

6. It’s Unconventional

While there are channels for almost every type of content, it’s still pretty new for founders of tech startups to post content online.

This is because historically, the personality type of tech founders has been very different from that of content creators (Youtubers for example). There are probably a handful of tech founders who are actively creating videos online.

It sounds unconventional, and thus my calling.

7. New Territory

Making Youtube videos is a new territory for me and it comes with its own challenges.

From learning how to record, edit and create engaging content, to how to get more views, likes and subscribers, there are more things to learn in Content Creation than I could have ever imagined.

8. Passive Income Source

Other than the stock investments, I don’t really have any passive income.

I’m hopeful that at some point creating content would bring in some passive income to support my entrepreneurial journey.

9. Run Marketing Experiments

What if I could run not one, two but thousand different marketing experiments? As a founder it sounds incredibly exciting. This is true for social media and making videos.

To be able to run so many experiments, feels like a super power to me, and I’m really excited about it.

10. Ability to Convey Ideas

All of the above reasons are valid and good reasons, but the biggest reason why I want to solve is because I want to learn how to convey ideas that stick.

It the most important part of any successful startup, probably the only one, and if I can master it, I can make not one but many, many successful products.

The Journey Begins

So here I go, the next phase of my journey -> making popular videos online.

If you haven’t already, don’t miss your chance at 10 years of good luck.

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