Sudeep Chauhan

Hi there,

My name is Sudeep, and this is my personal blog. Goal of this site is to express my thoughts, ideas, learnings and lessons alike. You can read more about it in the welcome post: Namaste.

What I do

In 2019 I quit my full time job to start technology umbrella company Milkie Way, Inc. headquartered in the bay area, CA.

After experimenting with over 10 projects, in 2020 December my team launched our first two products Announce and Point Address. I’m excited about them as they have potential to change the world, and are built to scale and rapidly evolve.

In 2021 I built YRL - a marketing platform for everyone.

In September 2021, I started my journey as a Content Creator on Youtube. Join my journey.

Before Milkie Way, I worked at Google. My experience includes roles across Engineering, Product Development, Security all the way to Sales/Operations and Legal. At Google I switched a lot of jobs in different locations that helped me gain decent exposure to varying set of problems and strategies.

How I spend my time

An engineer at heart, my interests lie in a lot of fields, most importantly in the field of constant learning. I spend a lot of time on

  • unconventional ideas
  • product, design and engineering
  • hiring, managing and motivating teams
  • solving problems with minimal resources

I’m currently learning about how to do marketing effectively.

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