I Made Youtube Videos using Python

The first project I worked on after leaving my full time job was to create Youtube videos programmatically, at scale. This post explains what I did, and what happened next....

Creating Value isn't Secret to Success. It's Common Sense.

I keep hearing the phrase “Value Creation leads to Wealth”. It’s true to a large degree, but not the complete truth.

'The Unconventional Founder' Youtube Channel

After overcoming a deeply rooted resistance, I finally started a Youtube channel. This post explains why it was so difficult, and what understanding convinced me to do it.

Product Lessons from $1 Lint Remover

What is a great product user experience? This article shares the product lessons hidden in mighty Lint removers.

Wow, how cool I did that then!

In the last few weeks, the power of long term thinking has been consistently on my mind. This post is dedicated to long term thinking / actions, and an attempt...

How to use Cloud without losing sleep

A hands on guide for individual developers, small teams without dedicated SRE or oncall teams to using Cloud services safely.


Welcome to sudcha.com! This is the first post of the blog and I’d like to share how this site came into existence, and what purpose it serves.