By Sudeep Chauhan |

From the light in me, to the light in you.

Welcome to! This is the first post of the blog and I’d like to share how this site came into existence, and what purpose it serves.


This site will host my experiences, learnings and thoughts to the potential reader(s).

Honestly, I never really thought of writing content on my own site. Instead I always believed that it makes more sense to write for the products I am/was building.

Earlier this month I wrote a blog post on our company blog: “We burnt $72K and almost went bankrupt” which sort of went viral. There were definitely more than 72K views on the blog post, and it was translated to more than few languages on popular sites across the world.

I published the blog on our company blog because it was connected to our company’s journey. It was after publishing the blog post that I realized that there’s so much I could share, most of which won’t be a good fit for the company blog but definitely acceptable on my own, which brings us to this blog

Topics and Periodicity

This blog isn’t for a particular niche, because honestly I’m all over the place. I intend to cover topics from business, engineering, technology and random rants.

Writing isn’t my first priority, and for this reason, many of my posts may be sporadic, and about past events.

Everything is an expression

I believe that everything in the universe is an expression. In fact, the universe itself is an expression of itself. For us humans who have relatively more choice and freedom than other species, everything we do is to express ourselves.

Everything is an expression.

From how we drive, dress, write, create and share, everything is an expression of our existence.

This blog is a channel for my expressions based on my learnings and experiences. I hope the posts here provide some value to the world who has given me so much.

Future Posts?

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Love and Hate

There’s no comment section on the blog yet, but depending on how popular (or unpopular) it gets, I might consider adding it.

Regardless of how good or bad the content is, there shouldn’t be room for hate. If you don’t like the content, you can simply click here.

If you like it, share it, add references to it, and keep reading on :)